External Resources

Helpful resources outside of the Offensive Security course material

More Lab Practice

  • Offensive Security Proving Grounds (Practice) - At $20/month,

    Proving Grounds Practice was the best external resource I encountered to simulate like boxes. I also found it to be much more helpful than the course labs for the following reasons:

    • Boxes designed and vetted by Offensive Security that mirror the exam boxes, both difficulty rating and techniques required.

    • Dedicated (i.e. not shared like OSCP labs)

    • Clear difficulty rating of easy, medium, and hard. These ratings were in line with the exam boxes I encountered.

    • Box hints for initial access and privilege escalation that don't give the answer away but give direction of what to focus on.

    • Box walkthroughs which I found to be much more helpful than the Offensive Security forums. The walkthroughs are very thorough and helped me understand why I missed something.

Buffer Overflow

Windows and Linux Privilege Escalation

Pentesting Techniques/Resources


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